We’ve talked at length and on many occasions about the importance of focusing on thinking steps, not programs.  If you’ve been with me for much of the journey here at StrategyCentral, you know that clarifying the win (or declaring what you’re going to call success, to use Peter Drucker’s line) has also been a constant theme.  I imagine you’ll get right away my interest in the Human Sigma concept of focusing on the goal, not just the steps! 

I can hear you now.  "But wait, doesn’t that conflict with "thinking steps?"  Nope!  Check it out…it reinforces the principle that first you clarify the win.  Clarity on what success looks like is the essential first step in the process.  Focusing on that goal and then creating steps that get you there (in ways that are easy, obvious, and strategic) is what that’s about.

But where does the Human Sigma idea fit in?  Remember the basic concept in Human Sigma has to do with the fact that you can fine-tune a procedure so well that you’re able to manufacture zero defects…but to do it you’ve got to eliminate more and more of the people factor.   Works in a factory, what do you do in a service business?  Try it there.  Insert a few people into the process and you’ve got the picture.

So what do you do?  Highlight the uniqueness of people.  Help them focus on the goal and reach it in the way that emphasizes their unique abilities.

This should be a good read.  Stay tuned!

Do More Than “Think” Steps