So you’ve been working on getting the right people on the bus and now it’s time to start thinking about moving them into the right seats.  You know you need to do that.  Right?   Having the right people on the bus but in the wrong seats can be a pretty expensive experiment.  How can you determine whether it’s happening on your team?  A basic question might be, "How fruitful and fulfilled are your team members?"  Think about it.  A person could be really effective (fruitful) and hate what they have to do every day.  Or they could be really happy in their role (fulfilled) and be completely ineffective.  What’s the solution?  They’ve got to have both!  Without both they’re in the wrong seat.

Is that happening on your team?  How’s it going?

The fourth question in Ram Charan’s Know-How: The 8 Skills That Separate People Who Perform from Those Who Don’t is, "Can you judge people by finding their best talents based on facts and observations and match them with a job?"  See how it fits in the Good to Great "right seat on the bus" concept?

One of the keys in Charan’s question is the idea that your matching process would be based on facts and observations.  Do you have a way to make that call?  One of the things that will make this process work is to make it a process or a system.  You’ve all heard the line that "the system is the solution (The E Myth)".  In order to really take advantage of the power of this idea, you’ve got to make it a system, not leaving it to chance.

If you don’t have that system in place, let me suggest that one of the books you need to pick up is Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton.  The cool thing about the book is that it comes with the opportunity to use the StrengthsFinder tool.  Very cool.   No doubt you’ve been exposed to various evaluations (DiSC, Myers-Briggs, etc.).  The StrengthsFinder idea is similar…but with some very helpful nuances.  For one thing, it helps you understand how to lead the types they identify.  And that is a very signifcant nuance!

However you make what you do a system…you’ve got to do it.  Putting off this step will keep your team from the level of effectiveness that it could have.

Do You Have the Right People in the Wrong Seats?