I’ve thought a lot over the years about how I’ve turned out the way I have.  For instance, I remember picking up a paperback copy of In Search of Excellence…but I don’t remember why.  I know I devoured it.  The thought of how it made sense in all I was doing is still a very vivid memory.  I’ve identified that as the beginning.  Don’t know how it happened.  But that’s where it started; my preoccupation with the way leadership, management, vision and change are integral to mission…whatever the mission…but especially ours.

Then, if you roll the videotape forward, there was a fascinating Jim Dethmer talk that I chanced to hear at a Willow conference in February of 1991.  Why I went to his breakout, I have no idea.  But I have no doubt that those 75 minutes altered the trajectory of my life.  Amazing.  Really can’t imagine how things would have turned out without hearing this talk.  Still holds up great after all these years.  See what you think.

Here’s part one:

Here’s part two:

Do You Know Why You’re Doing What You’re Doing?