Ok.  You’re reading them.  Blogs, I mean.  You’ve maybe even jumped in yourself and have your own blog.  But should your organization (church, ministry, company, etc.) have its own blog?

Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge, a free e-newsletter featuring much of their best research, has a great story on how companies like GM, Boeing and Sun Microsystems are using blogs to get their message out, according to Sun’s Tim Bray, "in a direct, unmediated and unfiltered way."

I really like the ideas in the article, particularly that a blog can be "an incredibly effective yet low cost way to:

  1. Influence the public "conversation" about your company: Make it easy for journalists to find the latest, most accurate information about new products or ventures. In the case of a crisis, a blog allows you to shape the conversation about it.
  2. Enhance brand visibility and credibility: Appear higher in search engine rankings, establish expertise in industry or subject area, and personalize one’s company by giving it a human voice.
  3. Achieve customer intimacy: Speak directly to consumers and have them come right back with suggestions or complaints—or kudos.

Some churches are already taking a run at it.  Check out Seacoast’s Blog.  There’s even a new book on blogging in the works by Brian Bailey and Terry Storch over at bloggingchurch.com.


Does Your Organization Belong in the Blogosphere?