All to often I’m finding that failing or faltering organizations know they are using hard-to-understand terminology but keep doing it anyway.  Sometimes they think it makes them seem impressive.  Other times they believe that using an arcane word (hard-to-understand) that requires translation demonstrates their value…when they stop to translate.  And still others never even realize that the very customers they hope to reach don’t even understand what they offer.

Any way you slice it, you need to be sure that the customers you hope to reach can understand you easily and without translation…unless you’re happy with your current results.  Steve Roesler over at All Things Workplace has a great example of a six-figure customer loss.  The reason?  One of the solutions being considered for purchase had an understandable rep and one needed translation.  Which one did they choose?  No brainer.

How’s your organization doing on this?  Need a translator?  Think you’re losing some customers?

Does Your Organization Need a Translator?
  • Hello, Mark,
    Thank you for the mention. The whole issue of language and its impact is a big deal.
    Those who desire to become influential need an equivalent desire to learn the language of influence. And that is the “native” language of the audience, not the bravado of the speaker.