The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again…and expecting different results.  Or something like that.  And that makes sense.  At the same time, I can see how so much of what I do is just that.  I want to call it persistence.  But it’s really just craziness.

Seth’s Blog has another very good post on How to Run a Useless Conference.  He’s really talking about doing something atypical if you want different results.  In other words, unless you want more of the same you better face the facts that what you’re doing is not succeeding and imagine ways to do it differently.  If you really want different results.

I love this section of the post:

"Conference organizers (and more important, their clients) spend virtually all of their time and money doing one of two things:
1.    Satisfying the center of the bell curve.
2.    Avoiding failure

That’s why the typical conference is… typical."

So when I think about what we’re doing, I have to ask the questions, "Where are we reaching for the edges of the bell curve?  Where are we really working to win…and not just avoid losing?  Where are really trying to be atypical?"

Are we really trying?  Or are we just crazy?



Doing the Atypical