In Pull is the New Push I referred to Chief Marketer’s four "crucial mentality shifts" related to social media.  The more I’ve thought about this the more convinced I am that we’ll all be going there…at least those of us who want to be relevant.  The development of social media (flickr, YouTube, MySpace) has more than enabled a viral opportunity.  It has made it the way that our product (ideas included) are most effectively transmitted.  It’s also begun to make clear who will be relevant in the future.

Yesterday I talked about the first mentality shift, that we need to stop thinking push and start thinking pull.  Today I want to think with you about the second mentality shift: Don’t just target: Connect.  This is a big one, too.  With lots of potential for all of us.  Targeting still has a place.  No one product, no one effort, can reach everyone.  But to move beyond just targeting to actually connect will be possible using the social media idea.  Back to yesterday’s post…what if your organization took its main outreach/product and made a version of it available on the web in some format (a video on YouTube video or a really cool flickr slide show) and provided a way that your current customers could use it to brag about how cool your organization is?

This is a larger conversation, no doubt.  In fact, if you haven’t checked out Inspiring the Nod, you need to.  There is a lot here.

What do you think?  Is this where it’s going?  I think it is.

Don’t Just Target…Connect