In reading Mavericks at Work I came across a number of very interesting quotes from Dr. John Sullivan.  Checking out his "about" page I loved this line: "Dr. John Sullivan is well known as a provocateur, a characteristic which has both guided and distinguished our work throughout the years."  If you’ve tripped across any of his quotes in Mavericks, the idea that he might be a provocateur will ring true.

One of my favorite Sullivan quotes from Mavericks is: "The first rule of recruiting is that the best people already have jobs they like.  So you have to find them; they’re not going to find you…Recruiting has to be a clever, fastmoving business discipline, not a passive, paper-pushing bureaucracy (p. 208)."

Check out his website for a goldmine of great resources on:

  • Human Resource Strategic Planning
  • Employment Branding
  • Human Resource Metrics
  • Integrated Talent Management (Recruitment, Retention, Development)
  • Dr. John Sullivan: an HR Goldmine