Dreamers always lose to pragmatists.  Do you believe that?  Maybe it needs a little more explanation.  When I say "dreamers" I’m referring to the kind of person who wants to integrate one more idea before we launch…as opposed to the pragmatism of "it’s good enough right now."  One of the blogs that I really like the tone of is Note to CMO.  Do you know it?  Stephen Denny keeps coming back with some really good stuff.  It’s one I would definitely suggest that you check out.

Want more on the idea that "dreamers always lose to pragmatists"?  You can get it right here.

Dreamers Always Lose to Pragmatists
  • Not sure I would agree that dreamers always lose to pragmatists.
    I suppose if you define dreamers dream in order to deflect away from action, then “yes” they’ll lose.
    But I suggest that pragmatist have their way of deflecting away from action as well.
    Check out what Peter Block has to say about pragmatist in “The Answer to How is Yes”.
    Always good to get a swift “whack on the side of the head” by visiting Strategy Central!
    Keep creating,

  • Good point Mike! The Answer to How is Yes is a great resource…I think you steered me to it! I think Denny is focused on Dreaming being the delay of “perfecting before launching into action”, where Block is focused on the delaying tactic of needing a little more info.