What motivates what you do?  Is it money?  Is it reward or recognition?  Turns out that what motivates most of us isn’t what we’ve thought.  You may remember author Daniel Pink from his bestseller, A Whole New Mind.  He’s back with an intriguing take on motivation.  His newest, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, will no doubt fill in some blanks about the underlying truths that set us in motion.

What motivates us?  If you think it’s about carrots and sticks…you’re going to find Pink’s conclusions very surprising.  If you’ve already concluded that there must be something more, a different way to motivate, you’re going to love this book.  Drive skillfully articulates the difference between motivation 2.0 (carrots and sticks) and 3.0 which taps into the intrinsic motivators that change outcomes.

Because the carrot and stick concept is so well entrenched, Drive takes its time, carefully establishing the background and foundation to motivation 2.0 and thoroughly outlining its history.  Once established, Pink shifts to an examination of the holes in the carrot and stick concept and finally a very detailed demonstration of ways that motivation 3.0 can be implemented.  Finally, the last section of the book is a really helpful toolkit designed to further enhance your practice.

Whether you’re simply leading a team, a staff or you’re an HR professional, this is a must read.  On a side note, it turns out purpose (along with autonomy and mastery) plays a role in the kind of intrinsic motivation Pink is writing about.  This is a great read…and I highly recommend it.  You can order your copy right here.