How do you know your business is dying?  Or maybe really sick?  I don’t mean the business (although it could be that).  I really mean your location.  I was thinking about this today.  Are there signs that the business you’re in is winding down, on life support, or at least will require a major overhaul to survive?  I think there are definitely signs.

For example, I think one of the signs that your business is dying might be that you speak a language in the conduct of your business that needs a lexicon or an interpreter.  For example, if you’re speaking Latin that may be a sign that you’re toast.  ‘Course…you might be a Latin student, but the sign that you’re in a dying business would be that you think there’s some merit in continuing to speak a language that requires translation.  Or you think you’re "dumbing down" what you’re doing by speaking the language of the people.

Or how about this one: You’re meeting a need that no longer exists in the mind of the customer.  Not to say the need doesn’t exist.  Just that you’ve positioned your business to meet a need that has moved out of the mind of your potential customer.  You might even still have a loyal customer base, but if you’re positioned in a way that isn’t relevant to people you aren’t currently reaching…well, maybe you’re just not relevant.

Got other earmarks of a dying business?  What do you think? 

Earmarks of a Dying Business