Not exactly sure what category to file this in…but this morning as I checked in over at Twitter I noticed several tweets about last nights earthquake that rocked the central states.

Couldn’t help but remember that earlier in the day I had mentioned the New Madrid, MO quakes of 1811-12, reported to be three of the strongest quakes in US history.  Actually changed the course of the Mississippi River.  Damage as far away as Washington D.C. and Charleston, S.C.  The February 7th, 1812 quake was reported to be the strongest of the group.

Why was I talking about an earthquake?  Years ago I heard Lee Strobel refer to the New Madrid quake in an illustration about making a radical change, a trajectory change.  Great metaphor.

Was it a coincidence that I talked about it yesterday?  Nahhh.  It caused me to get up this a.m. and look up the facts for myself.  Next time I refer to the quake I’ll be able to add some pretty rich detail!      

Earthquake Coincidence?
  • Hey Mark,
    My dad grew up in Carothersville, Missouri right on the Mississippi River and the New Madrid (not pronounced like the Spanish city, more like Mad (as in angry) and Drid — emphasis on the first syllable.) There is also a town there called Haiti, which is pronouced Hay-tie. But, I digress. My dad says he felt a lot of quakes while picking cotton out in the fields. Most say it’s the largest fault line in the country (don’t they all).
    Anyway, regarding yesterdays quake…it’s not your fault, dude (pun intended).
    Our buddy Carl George was at church yesterday. Our receptionist referred to him as an “Earnest Hemingway” type. He was quite flattered.
    See you in Atlanta!