In the last year we’ve come back again and again to the importance of just a few things.  Elegance.  Clarity for sure.  Simplicity…over and over.  Practical…got to be.  If your organization could get those four down you would have a jammin’ operation.  Don’t you think?

In the last few days Apple has announced the iPhone.  Don’t know if you’ve followed the announcement.  It’s been hard to miss it.  Everybodies had an opinion.   37 Signals had an early look that made the prediction that it would be a winner not because it’ll have EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted, all the
bells and whistles, but because it will be elegant, clear in focus,
simple to use, and very practical.  In short, it’ll win because it does
less more beautifully than anything else.

Today,  Church Marketing Sucks’ had a great remix of the ideas from 37 Signals that really merit a look.  I really think they’ve caught it just right, that the essence of the Church could be just that.  Elegant.  Clear.  Simple.  Practical.

For a look at the kind of thing we’ve worked on here, take a glance at What Are You Trying to Do?

Then, be sure and take a look at the two posts and see what you think.  You can see the original 37 Signals post here and the Church Marketing Sucks follow-up right here.

Elegance, Clarity, Simplicity, Practical