How much are you doing just because you can…and not because it really makes sense?  Got an answer?  Or…maybe you need a little clarification.  What I’m asking is, when you think about all that your organization is doing, how much of it is really core to your mission and how much is really beside the point?

In describing what it is to boil down to the core idea, Trae Vassallo, a member of the Palm V development team said that the Palm Pilot became a successful product "almost because it was defined more in terms of what it was not than of what it was (p. 50, Made to Stick)."

Ever thought about it that way?  Ever tried to boil down the idea to the very core?

What if you thought about your organization the way the Palm V was developed?  What if you determined that the only the thing you were going to do was the main thing…and the rest got boiled off?

Bet we’d all be doing a lot less!

Think we’d have greater impact?  Or less?  What do you think?

Eliminating Everything That’s Not Core