Ever found yourself in the middle of a brainstorming session or maybe even a product launch, where it became plain as day that not everyone got what the goal was?  Frightening to see when it happens that late, but it happens that late all the time.  Doesn't it?

I just came from a concept discussion where the subject was an insert that could be used to invite neighbors and friends to an Easter service.  Key idea?  It would be used to invite unconnected neighbors and friends.
Alarming moment?  When a staffer at a nearby desk said, "Hopefully it won't have an Easter Bunny!"

Okay.  Work with me here. The purpose of the insert (post card) is to give me something to hand my unconnected neighbor to invite them to join me for an Easter service.  Question: Who does it need to appeal to?  Right.  The neighbor.

What's amiss with the staffer's comment?  Straight to the point, an apparent lack of empathy.

Love what Tom Kelley has to say about empathy:

"Empathy…is about rediscovering why you're actually in business, whom you're actually trying to serve, what needs you're actually trying to fulfill (The Art of Innovation, p. 41)."
Empathy: An Essential Ingredient of Innovation
  • Pete Mor

    Have you encountered Wired to Care by Dev Patnaik yet? It’s an entire book about the value of empathy in a business.