I’m not sure if you’ve discovered John Moore’s Brand Autopsy yet.  It’s a great site that constantly delivers some of the best content from a "building a great brand" standpoint.  In today’s post, John highlights a customer service checklist from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.  Take a look at it and see if it doesn’t work for what all of us do.  What if we recruited a motivated team that exhibited these characteristics?  Think it would make a difference?

1. A passion for taking care of customers.
2. A willingness to be flexible.
3. A work ethic based on dedication to the company and its mission.
4. An eagerness to learn a new business and work their way up.
5. Self-motivation and goal-orientation.
6. Persuasive sales skills.
7. Excellent communication skills.
8. Leadership ability.

Here’s where the list gets interesting.  Enterprise uses the checklist "to determine which candidates are mostly likely to be Enterprise employee material."  Imagine interviewing for these traits.  What if you could build the right practices into your candidating process that would reveal them?

Mavericks at Work highlighted the hiring practices of Southwest Airlines.  Similar to Enterprise, they’ve figured out how to "restrict admission to those who exhibit that attitude [of a scrappy underdog]" and then developed "clever ways to identify the right hires among a vast pool of candidates (p. 204)."

Interesting…don’t you think?  Could we do it?   

Be sure and check out the rest of John’s post. 

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