Have you checked out Clicky yet?  I use several different tools to keep track of what’s happening at StrategyCentral.  FeedBurner is a daily check.  MyBlogLog is a tool that I’ve been using for about a year to see where all of you come from, what you read and where you go.  About a month ago I tripped across a new tool called Clicky.  I have to say, it adds some interesting elements.  Not yet sure if I’m going to subscribe to it, but today I saw a new feature that is very interesting.  When I click on the “visitors” tab I can actually see where all of you are logging on from!  Click here to see where visitors to StrategyCentral are in the world.  Now you have to admit that is totally cool!  Kind of makes me want to ask, “How’s the weather over there!”  There’s even someone on from Indonesia!  Welcome to StrategyCentral!

Even More Clicky