In recent days I’ve thought a lot about the things that started me on the path I’m on today.  And I keep coming back to Tom Peter’s book In Search of Excellence.  I don’t remember now why I read it.  I was already committed to the adventure of building the church.  I was in seminary (of all places).  Somehow I picked up a copy and began to read it.  I still have my beat up paperback copy, full of underlined passages, starred sections, and cryptic notes in the margins.  I remember thinking page after page how relevant it was to what I was preparing to do.  And I mark that book as being the first cause that led me to this place…where I am constantly on the lookout for insights that help me see more clearly what we could be doing.

In today’s post over on Tom Peters’ blog he takes another cut at what his basics of excellence are today, 23 years after publishing In Search of Excellence.  Take a look:

  • A Bias for Action is Job One.  (Create a discipline/culture of excellence!)
  • Decentralization!  Accountability!  (Tom’s Top Two: 1965 – 2005)
  • Fail. Forward. Fast. ("Reward Excellent Failures, Punish Mediocre Successes.")
  • "Metabolic Management" Matters! (Hustle! Adapt! EAT CHANGE! Win the "O.O.D.A. Loop" War—Confuse Your Competitors!)
  • INNOVATE or Die. ("Game-changers" or Bust! Lead the Customer! Just Shout "No" to Imitation!)
  • A Damn Good Product. (Pursue "Dramatic Difference.")
  • A Damn Cool Product. (Design Rules!)
  • Ride the Value Added Curve to the Sky! Sell "GamechangerSolutions"; Provide "Scintillating Experiences"; Become a "Dream Merchant"; Strive to Be a "Lovemark.")
  • Relentlessly Pursue the "Big Two" Markets. (WOMEN Buy Everything. Boomers & Geezers Have All the Money!)
  • Best "Talent"/Roster Wins! (HR Rules! Everyone a Leader! Women Lead Best! "Weird" Matters Most! A Workplace to Brag About! Educate for Creativity!)
  • Wanted/Demanded: Radical Technology Strategies! ("Incrementalism" Is for Wimps!)
  • Hard Is Soft! Soft Is Hard! (People! Passion! Enthusiasm! Wow! INTEGRITY! TRUST! Good Citizen.)
  • Accept No Less Than EXCELLENCE! (Excellence, Pursuit thereof, Is the Only Thing That Vaults Everyone Out of Bed in the Morning.)

What do you think?  Do you see the relevance?


Excellence 2005