One of the cool takeaways from The Ten Faces of Innovation has been the exposure to a whole world of possibilities in innovation.  I love the section on The Experience Architect.  Of the ten faces, I’m more of a cross-pollinator and a collaborator, but I love to be around Experience Architects.  They are the people "who set the stage for positive encounters with your organization."  And they are absolutely essential!

One part of the role that I really love being part of is looking at every aspect of what we’re doing and asking this great question: "Is this ordinary, or at least slightly extraordinary?"  According to Tom Kelley, "Experience Architects fend off the ordinary wherever they find it, fighting against the forces of entropy and commoditization (p. 169)."  I love it!

Are we doing that?  Are we empowering people who are gifted this way, who are actually sizing up what is happening and then creating a ruckus when there needs to be?  Or are we shutting them down?


Fending off the Ordinary