Have you ever really thought about the things that you just can’t not do?  Preparing for a meeting where I’ll only play a color commentator role…I warned the presenter that there are times when I have great difficulty not saying something that needs to be said.  It’s just the way I’m wired.  Can I control myself?  Yeah…but not easily.  Why?  Because sometimes it is just the perfect moment to jump on board with a comment that is about something I’m REALLY passionate about!  And the only way I can not say something is if I ducktape my mouth closed.

How about you?  Are there things that you can’t not do?  Steve Roesler has a great post today about the things that a person can’t not do.  An interesting take.

I actually think there are things that an organization can’t not do.  For the same reason.  Just wired to contribute in that way.  And to do anything else (or less) would be compromise.

Take a look at Steve’s post.  Good stuff.  He’s also got a really good prescription for action.

Finding What You Can’t Not Do
  • I think sometimes I’m the opposite. I won’t or can’t say things when I should.
    This is also important for churches. Sometimes they try to be things they are not or pastors try to emmulate someone they are not.
    Just be the best at who you are. It took me about 5 years to begin to get this one right.

  • Interesting observation! I guess that’s probably true of most of us. Hopefully, there comes a time when we identify what we can’t not do…and then do that. And you’re right, too, about churches. Wouldn’t that be healthy if churches would figure out what they can’t not do…and only put their hands to that plow.