Emotional_attachment2Very similar to the ideas in Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow, Human Sigma takes a look at four levels of emotional attachment using a Maslovian pyramid.  Basic idea?  Customers who are fully engaged (as opposed to just engaged) deliver a much higher share of wallet.

But what are the entry level commitments that a customer is looking for?  Simple confidence in your product or service and a sense that you have integrity.  Isn’t that enough?  Actually…no.  As is being found in one study after another, entry level engagement doesn’t retain a customer.  It’s what you must offer to play at all.  If you want to retain customers you’ll need to provide much more.  In fact,

"It’s absolutely critical to recognize that if a business’ ultimate goal is sustainable organic growth, these measures simply aren’t high enough.  We’ll need to aim higher (p. 88)."

That is a line that resonates with me.  That’s what we all dream about.  But is it what we’re all aiming for?   

Four Dimensions of Emotional Attachment