Speaking of Dave Ferguson, he points us to a great article from Fast Company’s archives called Four Rules for Fast Teams.  This is interesting stuff and could definitely lead to a really productive discussion around our place.  And it’s short and sweet.  Four simple ideas:

  • Let the group make its own rules.
  • Speak up early and often.
  • Learn as you go.
  • and Fast has to be fun.

Three of the four are fairly straightforward.  "Speak up early and often" sounded like it meant something really different, but turned out to be a main takeaway for me.  The team in the article developed a two-minute rule for seeking advice and help.  In other words, they encouraged their team to look for help quickly, within two minutes of realizing they were stuck.  That could save some serious time.  Think about the number of times you’ve found out weeks later that a project wasn’t going to land because one team member was stuck on a detail.


Four Rules for Fast Teams