Great insight over at Brand Autopsy today.  Taking a look at Scott Adams work (Dilbert), John Moore points to what could lead to an interesting discussion for all of us.  Here’s the question at the heart of Moore’s post:  Are we trying to make the "indifferent" passionate about our product?  Or trying to fuel the passions of those most passionate?

When you look at your organization…which do you think you’re doing?  Love Moore’s takeaway.

If your product only attracts indifferent customers and fails to attract passionate customers … chances are, that product will not succeed.

He does give a caveat, admitting that "this isn’t an absolute predictor as the abandoned product graveyard is
littered with products that failed despite attracting a small, passionate customer base."  At the same time, think about how many of us are really leaning the other way.


Fueling the Passions of Those Most Passionate
  • Mark … thanks for the link love. Glad you found something worthwhile in that smart snippet from Scott Adams.
    Scott’s quote resonated with me. When it comes to marketing, we tend to over-think everything. But more times than not, the truth is … products (or programs) that elicit strong positive opinions from customers bode well for success of that product. So simple, yet so true.