When you think about being an innovative organization…what does that mean?  Does that mean you use multimedia?  Does it mean you are multsite?  Does it mean you are externally focused?  What does it mean to be innovative?

I love Gary Hamel.  I've referred to his writing many, many times.  Most recently his book The Future of Management has kept me thinking about a lot of what is happening in our organizations.

This summer he'll be speaking at Willow Creek's Leadership Summit.  Take a look at a couple quotes from a clip announcing his participation in the Summit:

A critical question in your own organizations: As you look at the projects and initiatives or programs you have under way, how many of them really meet the test of being radically innovative?  My definition of radical innovation is fairly simple.  It's an idea or a program or an initiative that (a) has the power to change customer expectations in a profound way, that (b) has the power to change industry economics, or (c) change the basis of competitive advantage.

The biggest threat to organizations today is not inefficiency.  We've worked very hard on that for the last many decades.  The biggest challenge for organizations today is irrelevancy.  And game changing innovation is the only insurance against irrelevancy.

What do you think?  What's the bigger threat for you?  Inefficiency?  Or irrelevance?

Gary Hamel on Game Changing Innovation
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