3_cone_model2_1So you’ve worked hard to develop a mission statement.  You even have a vision statement that’s your very own (not just borrowed from someone else).  And now you’re ready to launch.  Sort’ve.

The problem many organizations are running into is the lack of a clear strategy that will actually produce the results that will make possible the preferred future you’re dreaming of!  And without a strategy…Well, without a strategy you’re not very likely to end up where you want to end up!

A strategy is the set of things you’ll do to move the organization from the present to the preferred.   Along the way you’ll want to establish some objectives and goals that will allow you to stay on course.  Kind of like when you’re at the mall and you know that you have to pass by Starbucks in order to get to Tommy Bahama.  But the point is, you have to come up with a plan even when you’re at the mall.  "We’ll walk down this way, turn right at the food court, buy a coffee at the Starbucks, and then arrive at Tommy Bahama."

The problem?  There are two main issues:

  • First, many organizations are just saying, "Our preferred future is to shop at Tommy Bahama!"  Hello!  You’ve got to have a strategy to get there!
  • Second, others are dreaming of Tommy Bahama but actually walking toward the wrong end of the mall!  Cluephone: your strategy must actually lead to the right place.

So what must happen?  The hard work of coming up with a strategy that will actually take you to the place you’re trying to go!  Anything else is what I call "the theology of wishful thinking".  And it doesn’t lead to a good place.

Want more on the idea?  Check out Focus on Objectives.

Getting From Here to There