Everybody is reasonable aware of the importance of getting their message out to your customers.  Some do it better than others.  Honestly, some do it WAY better than others.  Some know to do it but don’t really make the effort.  But…here’s the question…how many of us really work at getting the message IN to our team members?

Jason over at 37 Signals had an interesting post today about a recent visit to Apple.  What he noticed was how hard Apple was working at keeping the message in front of their employees.  Banners everywhere.  The key messaging on display all the way down the main hallways.  They’re obviously working hard to keep their ideas in front of their team; working at getting the message in.

Love this quote from Jason’s post:

"Getting the message in is about feeding the culture. It’s about making
people proud of the work working on. I think it’s an important lesson
for anyone building a team. Getting the message in is as important as
getting the message out."

Do you have that working in your organization?  This is the basis for a great discussion.  What do you think?

You can check out his whole post right here.

Getting the Message In…To Your Team