A few days ago I wrote about the Main Thing, the term used in
The Power of Alignment
to describe the organization’s central purpose.  For most of us there is a two-fold challenge.  Arriving at absolute clarity on the essence of what we’re trying to do is the first challenge.  The second challenge is to maintain a ruthless willingness to eliminate distractions that pull us away from the main thing.  Getting to the main thing requires both.

How can you stay on course?  It won’t be easy!  In fact, the reason that most organizations stray from the path is that it is HARD!  It will take a real discipline.  Here are three fantastic questions from
The Power of Alignment
that can be used to sharpen daily focus in the pursuit of the main thing:

  • Is our strategy the best it could be for optimizing the main thing?
  • Do our people understand the strategy and have the proper training and incentives to work for the main thing?
  • Are our processes and the ways in which we deal with customers linked to the main thing?
Getting to the Main Thing