Who sets direction in your organization?  You may want to think before you answer.  Let me ask you a different question.  When people give to your cause, who determines where what they give is allocated?  Do they determine where their gift is used and what it is used for?  Or does the leadership of your organization?

Why is this important?  Because you’re only really setting direction if you’re determining where the resources are allocated.  In today’s post Tony Morgan writes about some key takeaways from Good to Great and the Social Sectors, a short but helpful companion to Good to Great.  The big one for me?  Here it is:

"Restricted giving misses a fundamental point: to make the greatest impact on society requires first and foremost a great organization, not a single great program…the best thing supporters can do is to give resources that enable the institution’s leaders to do their work the best way they know how."

Who sets direction in your organization?  If it’s not you (or your leadership) then you can’t expect to make the greatest impact.  It will be less than laser guided.


Good to Great and the Social Sectors