I know this is not a new release…and like me you’ve all heard about it…but if you haven’t picked up a copy you really need to. Good to Great and the Social Sectors is short, just 35 pages, but packed with helpful insights.

As I read it I was reminded of so many other elements that we’ve talked about over the months.  The idea of clarifying what a win is comes across as crystal clear.  Tracking the results of your effort is amazingly important.  In fact, think about the significance of these key requirements about the journey from good to great:

(1) you must relentlessly adhere to key input variables (level 5 leadership, first who, then what; confront the brutal facts, etc.) and (2) rigorously track your trajectory on the output variables, and then (3) drive yourself to even higher levels of performance and impact.

This is an amazing little book.  I’m already thinking about how to track the trajectory.  First though, is to determine what those output variables are for us.  This will be a great discussion!

Good to Great and the Social Sectors