One of the real finds in the blogosphere is Newspring's Tony Morgan.  His list of observations about when church marketing works is right on target.  Really could be and ought to be the basis for a series of great discussions that are begging to be had at churches and organizations far and wide.  Think with me about just a couple of his observations about when marketing works:

  • "Someone says “I’m in” and timely follow-up happens."  Timely follow-up?  I checked with Jake Beaty (who leads Newspring's Care and Outreach effort), asking how quickly they'll follow up on decisions made at one of their Christmas services.  Answer?  Same day.  That definitely qualifies as timely…don't you think?
  • "We know who we are trying to reach."  Hmmmm.  Wonder how many churches really have worked that one all the way through?
  • "We’ve acknowledged we can’t reach everyone."  Can you imagine this discussion?  Can you play it out ahead of time in your mind?  What a valuable opportunity.  Dare you take it?

Honestly, the whole post was such a great string of discussable and actionable bullets…you really need to read it and act on it yourself.  And you can do that right here.

Great Discussions That Beg To Be Had