do more great workPicked up a book a couple weeks back that I just know is really going to have a big impact on my work.  I heard about it on the Accidental Creative podcast (an essential part of my toolkit).  So glad I ordered it!

Do More Great Work: Stop the Busywork, Start the Work That Matters is by Michael Bungay Stanier, the founder and senior partner of Box of Crayons, a company that works with organizations and teams around the world to help them do less Good Work and more Great Work.

Do More Great Work is a collection of fifteen key tools–conceptual maps–that Stanier uses to help identify “what matters to you, what drives the choices and the actions you take, and how to get onto a path to more creative, motivated and inspired work that’s good for you and good for those you work for.”

Way more than skim and put away collection, this is a pull it out and look at it daily kind of resource.  I love the way Do More Great Work is designed and have already made great use of many of the maps.  I can definitely see that with a little persistance and the right application this book will make a huge difference in my work.

If you’re interested in upping the ante personally (or if you lead a team that needs motivation and inspiration), don’t miss this resource.  Do More Great Work is now an essential part of my toolkit!  I love it and I bet you will too!

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Great Resource: Do More Great Work