For two years I’ve been plugging Constant Contact as an easy way to put together an html newsletter for small group launches, smaller churches, specialized ministries, etc.  It really is easy to use and has some features that are pretty good.  I’d been plugging it…but had never had to use it.  I always just sent what I needed to our inhouse IT people and they took care of it.  Now…I’m using it because I need to.

Last week I was trying to dress up a newsletter going out to my new small group leaders and remembered a stock photo operation that Guy Kawasaki was plugging, called  I have to say, what a great solution.  If you’re doing things that need a cool photo you really need to check it out.  Very easy to use.  Lots of great shots.  Here’s the cool shot I bought for one section of the newsletter:Wav_image 

I know what you’re thinking.  "But what does it mean, baby?"  I have to say, "I don’t know!  But I love the way it looks!  Check out!  It’s free to join.  And really reasonable to use.


Great Solution for Stock Photos
  • Mark,
    We appreciate the kind words – thanks!
    Patrick Lor, EVP