How are you set up to function at your place?  Is it every man for himself?  Or are you desinged to take advantage of the power of a great team?  There is a great collection of articles over at Fortune this month.  One story in particular that caught my eye right away is about the Motorola team that created the razr.  Very interesting!  What’s also interesting about the Razr story is the integration of the same kinds of personalities that Tom Kelley writes about in The Ten Faces of Innovation.

When you think about the personalities that make up your team, how alike are they?  What are their unique skill sets that make them perfect for the role they play?  Another of the articles in the Fortune mag set uses the idea of the A Team as its jumping off point.  No doubt you remember the gist of the television series even if you never watched it (like me).  It’s that concept where each team member is an expert in a particular area and together they’ve got what they need to defeat the enemy in 42 minutes every week.

What would be really helpful for all of us is to be able to put together teams that were really designed to be great.  But most of us are already staffed.  We’ve got what we’ve got.  And then we begin working on how to get better at what we’re trying to do.  Can we do it?  Absolutely.  Is it a seamless, pain-free operation?  No.  But…is it worth it?  Totally.

For more on the The Ten Faces of Innovation check out Vuja De and The Guardians of Conventional Wisdom.

Thanks to Steve Rubel for the link!

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