There’s a barrage of great quotes on innovation in a recent interview with Guy Kawasaki over on the WCA News site.  Would have loved to have been able to ask a follow-up or two…but this is good stuff!

Here are a couple gems:

"Frankly, it’s a waste of time to cogitate on if/why the Church has lost
its innovative edge. Why waste brain cells on this? What matters is
moving forward because historians are seldom innovative."

"Not innovating is more dangerous than innovating. The opposite of
innovation is not death; it’s mediocrity. In fact, death — or a
near-death experience — might be a better outcome than mediocrity
because people are forced to rebuild or move on. By contrast, people
can cling to mediocrity indefinitely."

You can check out the whole interview right here.  Thanks to Tony Morgan for the heads-up on the interview!

Guy Kawasaki on Innovation