Check out this cool idea over at the New York Times.  The two co-founders of Rite Solutions, a software company with a very specialized business, have developed "an internal market where any employee can propose that the company acquire a new technology, enter a new business or make an efficiency improvement."  This internal market idea is very cool.  Think about what it would do for our organizations if EVERYONE got involved in the innovation game.  Don’t you know that the really great ideas often go undiscovered in our own labs. 

How could this work for us?  Think about all the genuinely satisfied customers who’re filling up our auditoriums every weekend.  What if they all got involved somehow with making it better?  Is there a way to adapt this so that it works for us?

Or what if instead of allowing the Devil’s Advocate element to slow down innovation we involved as many as possible in what could happen?  What if instead of allowing the What if we were able to capture that sense of Vuja De that Tom Kelley wrote about in The Ten Faces of Innovation


Thanks to John Moore over Brand Autopsy for the link to the story!

Harvesting Collective Genius