A crystal clear understanding of the steps that lead to a win and then 100% adherence to that path, without any allowance for meandering (that leads to sideways energy) is an impressive thing to watch…even more amazing to be part of.  The excuse many make about trimming options that aren’t exactly on THE path?  "But it is succeeding!  Why not just leave it alone?"

One of the things you’ve got to love about North Point is there willingness to take away options that don’t lead to where they’re trying to go.  Citing Craig Groeschel’s comment at the Leadership Summit, the leadership team of 7:22 has determined to shut down a seemingly very "effective" option.  Why?  Because they realized it had become an option that duplicated many of the features of the main program.  In other words, it didn’t lead efficiently to the place they’re trying to go as an organization.  It was sideways energy.

Listen in to the announcement (and thanks to Sets “n” Service for the heads up):

Has What You’re Doing Become an Option?