Ever been in a world that has its own lingo?  Ever been tempted to become buzzword fluent in order to schmooze your way into a connection or a sale?  The blogosphere is totally that kind of world.  In that world I’m only a few months old…but I found this post over at Creating Passionate Users very relevant.  Thanks to Steve Rubel over at Micro Persuasion for the tipoff to the blog.

Here’s the real point to their whole post, in their own words: "My take: Some of the coolest people have no frickin’ clue what these buzzwords mean, and don’t care. They aren’t building to flip, they’re building to engage and inspire."  Translation?  Getting the buzzwords isn’t the point.  It’s being able to actually make a difference and not just being down with the lingo.

Still, you’ve gotta check out this classic cartoon from their great post:


Have You Updated Your Buzzwords Lately?