How often are you thinking about how you can improve what you’re doing?  One of the things that I’m always preaching to the organizations that I work with is that we can do this better!  I’ll go off on a mini-rant about the idea that we really should be able to tweak this or that and end up with a better result.  Of course, I do it in a good spirit…I don’t think anyone ever feels demeaned…it’s really just a hope to encourage the team to try a new thing next time.

I’m loving a lot of what I’m finding in Marshall Goldsmith’s book, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful because it’s really all about getting better!  How about this way of asking for feedback from the team you work with?  Simply ask, "How can I get better?"  How’s that an improvement?  Many of us have made the mistake of asking, "What do you like about the way I’m doing what I’m doing?" or "What do you hate about what I’m doing?", but those are set ups for negativity.  That’s where, "How can I get better?" comes in.

Can you see this working for you?

How can I get better?

How Can I Get Better?