How Did That Happen

Sometimes a book just arrives…it's a long story…and there's a little intrigue about the title…and the next thing you know you're reading it.  That's been the case with How Did That Happen by Roger Connors and Tom Smith.  I've been working through the book for about a week and it already is a book that I've read a line and just stopped, turned back a page, and thought, "I need to read that again.  This is good stuff."

The subtitle is "Holding People Accountable for Results the Positive, Principled Way."  Sound like it might be helpful?  Authors Connors and Smith have collaborated on two previous books,The Oz Principle and Journey to the Emerald City, both on the subject of accountability.

What I'm loving so far is the very practical building block approach.  I'm seeing that this book could be one that helps to reshape and make systematic the process of forming, communicating, aligning and inspecting expectations (the four stages of holding people accountable the positive, principled way).

I don't know about you, but for me this could turn out to be a pretty important read.  If you've ever gotten to the aftermath of a project and asked "How did that happen," maybe it's a book you'll find helpful too.  Want to read along?  You can order your copy right here.

How Did That Happen
  • Mark, this book sounds intriguing.
    Accountability is one of those words used all the time but with little meaning and to even less effect.
    I’ve always thought of accountability as ultimately a matter of voluntary choice. Regardless of titles, org charts or process maps; we choose to be accountable…or not.
    Now I’m wondering how these authors approach the subject.
    Will look forward to you sharing what you learn. I’m “holding you accountable” to do so. Grin!
    Keep creating…work worth doing,

  • Thanks Mike! I’ll keep you posted!