Maybe you caught the iPhone controversy in the last week or so.  Apple lowered the price from $599 to $399 for the 8gb iPhone in order to capitalize on the upcoming "holiday" season.  Missed it?   Bet you didn’t if you bought one in the first wave!

Either way, check out this post from Seth Godin and then this open letter from Steve Jobs to the early adopters who felt a little singed by the quick drop in the iPhone price.  As usual, Seth has some great insight into how the price drop could have been handled.  But you have got to read the open letter.  For all of us in the business of pursuing the main thing, here is a great example of commitment to the main thing.

Can you see the similarity to anything that goes on in your world?  After all, you have early adopters.   The question is, how do you treat them when the pursuit of the main thing is leading you to switch strategies?  What do you do when the right thing to do is not in the very special interest of the crew already on board the bus?

Interesting dilemma…don’t you think?  But it’s clearly at the heart of lots of what goes on in our world.

How Do You Treat Early Adopters?