I don’t fly EVERY week, but I do fly a lot…and I’ve concluded that DELTA is absolutely the lamest.  Every other airline I fly enables seat selection and for some reason (maybe so I can learn patience) I was unable to avoid a middle seat from John Wayne to Atlanta (Dohhhhhh!).  To add insult to injury, I ended in a bad seat from Altlanta to Rochester…and now cannot change a seat assignment on my return, BUT Delta has graciously given me a MIDDLE SEAT all the way to CA!  Online couldn’t fix it.  And I’ve been on hold with India for 33 minutes waiting to speak to a US-based supervisor.

Anyone else have a solution?  Other than DON’T FLY DELTA!

How Lame is DELTA?
  • Panapete

    I fell into the “Black Hole of Calcutta” when my bags were lost on a direct flight from LAX to Salt Lake City on Delta…even the baggage supervisor told me not to call the 800#, but go to Internet. BUT, I wanted to try and was surprised to find the resolution center is in India! Off-shoring is OK, but when are companies going to learn that in the long run, cheap customer service is just that…cheap customer service.

  • Could be worse. Could have been United.