Preparing for a talk in Atlanta. I reread a section of Turning the Future Into Revenue.  I just can’t get over how helpful parts II and III of this book are!  Really one of the very best books I’ve read on the subject of thinking about organizations and change.  I’m sure the name turns some of us off…but it’s really not about money.  It’s about becoming more strategic.  It’s about future planning.  It’s about change…and it has the word "revenue" in the title.  And it is one of the best books I’ve read in the last 5 years.

As I was working my way back through it today I noticed this quote (which I didn’t see on the first couple of passes).  Here’s the truth:

"I discovered early in my futuring career that endless research and exploration and discussion and writing of missions and goals and objectives and strategies and tactics and debating what these things actually mean and whether a goal has numbers or not and designating responsibilities and debating budgets and what is feasible and setting time lines and debating again whether we are talking about a strategy or a tactic or maybe it is actually a goal and we should put it there and when is the next meeting, all are designed to keep anything from happening, while giving the appearance of action. (emphasis mine)

Very "The Answer to How Is Yes", don’t you think?

How to Give the Appearance of Action
  • Allen

    Okay, dude. I just ran into this same thing YESTERDAY!! I lay out a simple, yet strategic pathway to develop our small group hosts into leaders. In response, one of my leaders of leaders of leaders smiles and says that maybe we should stop looking at different models and seek God for what He wants for our church. I’m not against prayer, except when it’s used as a weapon…against me!!
    I’m going to tattoo this quote on a part of my anatomy and ask this leader to kiss it. Okay, I’m not, but that sure felt good to say.
    Rock on. Where’s the news from the patio this week? It always makes me smile.
    See you in Hotlanta.

  • Yes, very the “answer to how is yes!”
    Deflection from action is where our creativity really shines…at least mine does.
    Have a rollicking good week!
    Keep creating…a bias for action,

  • I like the idea Allen…might be kind of painful though!
    And Mike, I’m with you, I’m really most creative when I’m deflecting possible assignments!