Picked up the next book out of the stack today: Human Sigma: Managing the Employee-Customer Encounter.  Looks very good.  Basic concept?  "Six Sigma integrated a universal and consistent method for counting quality defects with a disciplined process to eliminate them (p. 15)."  What it didn’t do was work the employee to customer side of the equation; what the book calls "the employee-customer encounter."

Think this has relevance in your organization?  You know it does!  You can cherry pick the best-practices from the most dynamic organizations, but if you don’t work out the people thing…well, that’s at the root of lot’s of our issues.

Love the five new rules to bring excellence to the way employees "engage and interact with customers (from the jacket)":

  • Rule #1: E Pluribus Unum: Employee and customer experience must be managed together – not as separate entities.
  • Rule #2: Feelings Are Facts: Emotions drive and shape the employee-customer encounter.
  • Rule #3: Think Globally, Measure and Act Locally: The employee-customer encounter must be measure and managed at the local level.
  • Rule #4: There is One Number You Need to Know: Employee and customer engagement interact to drive enhanced financial performance.  And this interaction can be quantified and summarized with a single performance metric.
  • Rule #5: If You Pray for Potatoes, You Better Grab a Hoe: Good intentions alone do not constitute a plan of action.

This is one book you may want to pick up and read along with me.  Don’t have a bookstore near?  You can order your copy Right Here.

Human Sigma