I first heard about Al Ries almost 20 years ago when I picked up a copy of Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind.  Very helpful from the standpoint of understanding some key marketing ideas.  A new resource that I’ve just begun to take advantage of is MarktetingProfs.com.  Quite a collection of talented writers who bring a consistent supply of ideas.  You really need to check out this interview with Al and Laura Ries.  Some great stuff on branding, particularly the idea that the best opportunities are actually to be found in diverging from the main brand.  They cite some compelling examples.  You can take a look right here.

There were a number of great quotes.  Here was my favorite:

"Brands are worthless unless they stand for something in the mind.  The more things you try to hang on a brand name, the less it stands for."

Can you think of any situations where you’ve tried to add to what you’re already doing instead of launching a new idea to fill an unoccupied space?

Ideas from MarktetingProfs.com