So you’re trying to come up with a simple concept that will get your whole team on board.  You’ve talked it through.  Maybe you’ve argued for hours.  You’ve read Good to Great and struggled to come up with your hedgehog.  You might’ve even taken a look at Jim Collins’ Good to Great and the Social Sectors looking for a non-profit take on the idea.

Still need help?  You might want to try Will Mancini’s version in Church Unique.  Taking the time to identify your unique local predicament, collective potential, and apostolic esprit allows you to zero in on that very core idea that will bring impact to your organization.  Interesting take.  The hedgehog concept has always intrigued me.  The challenge with Collins’ version has been describing  what drives your economic engine.  This may be a good solution for those of us who are working the non-profit edge.

The greatest challenge with both versions?  Getting alignment from your team…especially those team members whose areas of expertise are found outside of the hedgehog or kingdom concept.  Mancini has some good ideas on that piece as well.  Watch for that in a future post.  For now…if you haven’t picked up your copy, you can do that right here.

Identifying Your Kingdom Concept
  • GordonG

    Hi Mark
    You’re frustrating me!! 😉
    I’ve ordered the book a few weeks ago and am eagerly awaiting my Amazon delivery to me in the land of Oz – takes 3-4 weeks unless you pay a hunk extra! Hopefully this week.

  • GordonG

    Wouldn’t you know it – as soon as I comment that I haven’t received it it arrives !!!! Now down to the reading!

  • That’s great Gordon! Glad to hear that your frustration is reduced!

  • Mark,
    Thanks….you helped us work through the chaos to discern and organize the vision that was locked in our ministry’s DNA. I read the CHurch Unique in an airport in Kansas City yesterday during a 6 hour wait and it helped me work through some details and affirm we were really on the right track when we met on Wed. Thanks, this was a GREAT recommend.
    The Fraternity. Is this a series of conference calls?
    PS. In Kansas there was snow yesterday while you were roasting here (weird for them this late, weird for us this early)