How hard are you trying to please everyone?  Or maybe, how often is "everyone" the answer to the question, "who’s your customer?"  Awkward wording!  What I’m getting at is this.  When you evaluate your strategy you ought to be able to talk about the very specific kind of person you’re designed to reach.  If you can’t…or if you actually are trying to reach everyone…you’re unlikely to succeed.  Why?  Because almost nothing appeals to everyone.

Seth Godin’s blog had a great post on this subject today, from a slightly different angle.  The last line of the post is just a classic.  He said:

"The thing to remember is this: if everyone loves it, it is almost certain to have troubles.  In fact, my rule of thumb is this: if the right people like it, I’m not trying hard enough."

That’s a good way of saying it.  That’s worth jotting down on a post-it and sticking it to your desk where you can see it.  Then think about it as you consider your organization.  Are you trying to please the whole crowd?  Tough to do.  You end up with a concept that really won’t please anyone.  And depending on who the "right" people are (in Seth’s line of thinking), you may just be designing a product that really won’t work for the customer you are trying to reach.

You can read Seth’s whole post right here.

If the Right People Like It…