Picked up a new book this week in my ongoing search for innovation ideas and strategies.  Innovation X, by Adam Richardson came to the top of the stack.  30 pages in, this is going to be a great addition to my thinking.

A creative director at frog design, Richardson has worked with companies like HP, Intel, Yahoo, Motorola, and Logitech.   In describing his work, he points out that much of his time is focused on “strategic issues and sitting down with executives and product managers whose fundamental question is, ‘What should we make?’

Sound familiar?  Aren’t many of us asking that same question?  What should we make? After all, if we’re mindlessly making the same product we’ve been making for years or generations…you probably have already lost the market.  So you’ve more than likely been tweaking the product, trying to stay relevant.

And yet…in many, many cases…tweaking the product has not worked.  It’s like we have missed the moment.

“But often,” he continues, “they do not even know exactly what the problem is they are trying to solve.”  That sounds very familiar, doesn’t it?  Don’t many of us feel like we know things aren’t right…but we’re not sure why.

This feels like a great book right at the outset.  Want to come along?  You can pick up your copy right here.

Innovation X
  • Always benefit from learning what you’re reading.

    I’ve been rereading a classic by Northrop Frye, The Educated Imagination.

    Frye’s take on literature’s contribution to imagination is provocative.

    Richardson’s observation that they often, “do not even know exactly what the problem is they are trying to solve” rings true in my client experience.

    Design thinking that recognizes multiple problems which are ongoing and in some ways never fully solved is the whole new level of thought I’m pursing.

    Thanks again for sharing your learning journey with us out here.

    Keep creating…I know you will,

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  • Mark Howell

    Thank you Mike! Sounds like Frye and Innovation X share some similarities. Look forward to talking more about that as I work my way through the book!