If you’re unfamiliar with Lyle Schaller, he is something like the Peter Drucker of church consulting.  Very, very smart.  But also very practical.  A rare combination.  A collection of his comments on some interesting topics has turned up over at Dave Ferguson’s blog

I thought this insight was especially interesting:

Schaller on the multi-site church: 

"My observations has been that in some very large churches with regional off-sites the people attending are coming because they want two things: great preaching and low commitment.  Beware of this because Community Christian Church is a high commitment church."

If you think about what we’re all trying to do, it will be important for each of us to be really careful when looking at how it works somewhere else and then underestimating the degree of difficulty.  His comments beg some great questions.  Can’t wait to ask them.

Read the whole post here.

Insights from Lyle Schaller