Do you ever get the nod?  You know what I mean…the nod that means I’m down with what you’re using (what you’re wearing, what you’re driving, etc.)?  Maybe you’re at Barnes and Noble and you’re sipping on a Peet’s coffee.  That’ll get you the nod.  From another Peet’s drinker.  If you’ve got a love wins bumper sticker you’ll get the nod.  Or maybe you’ve got a strange Hugh MacLeod cartoon on your desktop and another gapingvoid fan sees it.  That’ll get the nod.  ‘Course it’ll get a look of another kind from everyone else!  Check it out:


Actually, that one’ll get you two nods (one for gapingvoid, another for the scoble connection).  Question: is the nod a good thing?  Yes it is.  It is an indication of a larger community.  Can we do things to create opportunities for the nod?  I think so.  Kathy Sierra’s got a great post today on the nod.  Some really good insights.  She says, "To give The Nod is to recognize and appreciate another person who "gets it", whatever it is."  Second question: can we create such a vibe that it would inspire the nod from someone else who "gets it"?

Another key line from her post is that "When we give The Nod to another, it’s NOT about the thing we have in common–it’s about what having that thing says about us."  This has real potential for what we’re doing!  Don’t you think?  Or, what about this line: "It’s NOT about having a remarkable product–it’s about helping our users be remarkable."  This is an idea that could produce a really good discussion.  How can we help our users be remarkable?  What could we do as an organization that would make such a difference in the lives of our users that they’d get the nod from another user?  I think that’s part of our challenge.  Of course, the other key part is inspiring non-users to see the difference in the lives of our users and be drawn to them.

This is a really good discussion to have.  You can check out Kathy’s whole post here

Inspiring the Nod
  • This is an element that I see at play in really great brands in general; they go way beyond a transaction to transformation. And the truth is that the marketplace is much more interested in transformation than merely buying something.
    Good expansion on Kathy’s posting – thanks for enlarging the conversation!