Are you intentional in your efforts?  Do your programs and events make sense in light of what you’re really trying to do?  If you were to carefully describe who you’re trying to reach (win over, communicate with, etc.) would we be able to see the logic behind your programs and events?  In other words, our weekend worship service is done this way because these are the needs and interests of the people we’re trying to reach.  Or would we end up scratching our heads and saying, "huh!"

I have aQuadrants favorite drawing that I use when I’m describing the need for strategic clarity.  I call it "the quadrant."  Not very creative.  But I’ve found it helpful.  Here it is.  If you click on it you can enlarge it.  I use my drawing (I need to credit Jim Dethmer for the idea and George Barna for the statistics) to illustrate that there are basically 4 main target markets when you’re talking about intentional focus in a weekend worship service.  It’s an easy concept for most of us.  And yet, the idea that we would carry intentionality to this level is not commonly practiced.

Can I illustrate the illustration?  What if you started with this question: Who is your Sunday morning service designed to reach?  And what if you really had to answer?!!  And what if, just like McDonald’s, you had to have a serious target in mind?  You see where I’m going, right?  Is McDonald’s going after the same customer that Outback is?  The answer ought to be obvious.  No.  Now, a McDonald’s customer might occasionally stop in Outback.  And an Outback customer might occasionally stop in McDonald’s.  But they’re both VERY intentional.  You can tell by the atmosphere.  You can tell by the product.  And you can tell by the pricing.  In some ways…you can tell even by the parking!

Who is your church trying to reach?  And you can’t say everyone.  Any more than McDonald’s can say that.  Can you answer that question?  What if I told you that you already have answered?  See, the design of what you’re doing determines who you can effectively connect with regardless of who you say you’d like to reach.  Make sense?  In other words, even if McDonald’s tells you they’re going after people who’d like a good steak at a reasonable price, we’d all be onto them from the outset.  And the same is true of you…and me.

Want to hear the talk that inspired the post?  You can check it out right here.

Intentional Focus